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We would like to share with you that we at #BringleBlendedLearnings platform (Estb. UK & India) supports trainers, mentors, coaches and consultants with the entire technology platform and empower them by creating their personal brand and generating business for them.

We are like crossword where you could publish your courses, live classes and 1 on 1 mentoring options and joining our community would help you to increase your revenues by at least 50% in the next 30 days. 

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Bringle Academy
Top100MentorsClub platform Support includes


Enables you to offer both Live webinars and/or Automated Webinars & get new leads 24x7x365

Marketing Automation

You can nurture your leads by sending them automated email drip campaigns at preset intervals. You can also automate the next emails based on the receiver’s response

Sales Personalisation

Your sales team can make custom packages and offers to the prospect.

Affiliate Network

You can use this module to onboard sales affiliates for your institute or business with a transparent dashboard for yourself and affiliates

Coupon Codes

You can use this module to offer various coupon codes


Website form, Google and Facebook Integrations with Hubspot

LIVE Class

Enables you to schedule and conduct live sessions, automate payments, Automate access to recording, control duration of access, track attendance

Course Content

Enables you to offer self-paced courses. The platform supports digital assets like – Video, Audio, PDF (With protection against download), Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. You can conduct Mock exams, assessments, provide a panel to students to upload answer documents

1 on 1 Mentoring

Enables you to list subject experts on the platform. The students can pick a mentor of their choice and request for doubt clarification sessions. These sessions are 1-1 sessions

Let’s know more about you

We would want you to know your current strengths and weaknesses and help you understand your strong points and areas where you need enhancement. 
We're there for you. Just take a 10 minutes assessment and get the clarity that makes you stand apart. All The Best!


Community Support Programs

Dedicated Landing Page + Single Admin Module + Platform Support + Self Promotions

Actual Price  :  INR 30000/USD 400

Current Prices till 15th July 2021 - INR 3000/USD 48

This package will also cover 5 Steps to Monetize and Scale up Your Expertise into a Digitize, Online Recurring Business Model

What Mentors Has To Say

Ms. Sandhyaa S Pillai

Mr. Bruhad Buch

Mr. Amit Kapoor